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I swear I’m the worst person at ‘monthly favourites’. I don’t know how other bloggers do it. I don’t have enough to talk about each month. But, I think I’ve concocted a good old favourites for this month. A mix of edible things, fashion & beauty. Keep on reading to check it all out.

I’ve also played around with the images for today’s post, let me know what you think!

Glossier Balm Dot Com

Although this was an absolute arse to get hold of, it took forever to turn up and it cost me a small fortune, plus customs charges… once it turned up I actually loved. I got this case from Kulor Cases. The colours are so nice and I love that it’s got my initials engraved into the case.

Glossier Stretch Concealer

I’ve gone on enough about my love of Glossier so I’m not going to bore you too much, however something I’ve been wearing a lot is the Stretch Concealer. At first, I thought it was going be a little too drying but actually it sits really nicely and has a great finish.

Glossier Balm Dot Com

Again another Glossier product but trust me, the Balm Dot Com is insane. With the weather getting a lot colder recently, my lips have taken a bit of a hit. They’re dry AF and it’s not a good look for anyone. The Balm Dot Com has really come to my rescue over the past month… So much so, I’ve nearly ran out!


My sister-in-law has recently returned from New Zealand with plenty of gifts in tow. One of which is this loose leaf tea, something of which I’ve never tried before. This one is infused with Kiwi fruit and it’s insane. It says that it could be drank with milk, but personally I just like it black with a little sugar. I definitely think fruit tea’s are slowly becoming my thing.

Levi Denim Jacket

And finally, nothing new but something I’ve been wearing non stop. My Levi denim jacket. The weathers been a bit weird where it’s sunny, but cold but not cold enough to wear a huge coat. So a jumper and my jacket has become my staple uniform this autumn and I’m not hating it. Definitely one of the best fashion investments I’ve ever made.

Not going to lie, I’m pretty pleased with this months’ favourites. It’s been a good old month and I’m suuuuper excited for the Christmas festivities to begin. Get ready for all the Christmas content!

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