Koh Thai | By Harrison

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I kid you not, I have a complete and utter, unhealthy obsession with Koh Thai. I think In the last two weeks alone, I’ve eaten there like 3 times. Koh Thai is a restaurant chain here down in the South of England and as the name suggests, It’s thai food.

I’ve tried and tested many of their dishes from the menu and now have my firm favourites that I order ever. single. time. I. go. It’s not normal, I swear.

One of those many favourites is the dim sum. A pork and prawn dumpling, smothered in a warm chilli sauce, topped with even hotter chilli flakes. The whole thing is just divine and four is quite simply not enough.

I promise you, if you’ve never been you really must go and I swear to god you will not be disappointed!

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