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I think it’s safe to say, everyone in this industry some way or another, edits their photos. Whether it be adding a filter, sharpening up an image or completely going ham and changing the whole entire thing. I recently watched a James Charles video where he went into detail about just how much he edits his pictures.

Check out that video >> HERE <<

James isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea and granted, he’s very extra but you cannot shy away from how talented he is at the use of Facetune. Now, I’ve always had the app but have only ever used it to whiten the backgrounds of a flat lay. I have NEVER used it on my actual face. So after watching James’ video, I got inspired to give it a go and go all kinds of crazy on a photo edit (but trying to keep it as subtle as poss)

So picture 1 above, is the very first picture. No editing, nothing. Just me, chilling in a lighting shop last weekend whilst looking for lights for my new kitchen. You know, casual.


So after throwing the picture into Facetune I began to get crazy with the edit. Firstly I smoothed my face to reduce the visibility of pores. Following Jame’s advice, I tapped the screen rather than scrubbing it to give a more natural look. I then smoothed my hair line and forehand.

Then grabbing the shape tool I changed the shape of my nose. Thinning it slightly and making it slightly shorter. I then ever so slightly chiselled my jawline to add a bit of effect there. I then went into the detail tool, adding some detail on my pupil. I then whitened the whites of my eyes to make them pop more.

Finally, I grabbed the tone tool and evened the colour of my lips. They’re quite uneven in colour so this just smoothes them out a little and makes them look well… more even. I then did the same but on my cheek where the light hits. This was to get rid of that shine, giving a more even skin tone.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I then saved that image and took it over to VSCO cam. Here I added the filter ’04’ (my fave). I then changed the temperature of the image, making it more cool toned. I then added a strong amount of vignette, giving those slight darker edges, before adding a fade of about 3% over the whole image.

Now putting those 2 images together, we have the before and after. This is by far, a more in-depth edit than I’d ever do. My usual editing process is Snapseed to change the tonal contrast and a bit of detailing. Then VSCO to add the filter and fade and boom. But actually, I really enjoyed this.

It’s great to actually get a little more creative with the edit and as I explained in the comments of James Charles’ video, it really is modern day artistry. I really love the way the picture turned out and loved the experiment. That doesn’t mean every single one of my pictures, from now on is going to be a heavy edit process, but I definitely think I’m going to experiment a little more.

After all, I can’t afford plastic surgery yet so Facetune is going to have to do.

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