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I’m back people! I took a week off uploads to get over Blogtober and we’re now back into the usual swing of things. And what better way to return than with a big old Glossier haul! I think every blogger is talking about Glossier at the moment and fair play, it’s a pretty incredible brand. Hype aside, this brand has by far rescued my skin and it really works!

So today, I thought I would talk you through everything I bought and what I think of it. Check out the video below where I also talk through my Glossier Haul, but here on the blog we’re diving in deeper and I’m giving you the true review of what works and what, well works better! There are some repurchases and some newbies, so let’s jump straight into it.

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// The Repurchases \\

You would’ve seen me talk for days about these three products when I first stumbled across them in NYC. Check out that blog post >> HERE << So I’m not going to bore you again and review it, but I did repurchase the Phase 1 Set. This time, changing the scent of the Balm Dot Com and switched it for the coconut flavour. Let me tell you, no regrets at all! It was perfect timing due to the fact my cleanser and moisturiser had literally just ran out.

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// The Newbies \\

Now let’s jump into the bulk of this post, grab yourself coffee, we’re here for the long run. Let me talk you through the newbies to my skin collection.

// The Moisturising Moon Mask \\

By far this is the most strange mask I’ve ever tried. I’m very much used to a face mask that drys onto the face such as a clay mask or my all time favourite, tissue masks. The fact that this mask simply feels like a heavy moisturiser on the skin, drenches your skin with moisture and just sticks there. This is such a great mask, it’s perfect for winter as it packs a punch in the moisture department and it really lives up to the hype. I’m LOVING it!

// The Stretch Concealer \\

This is one of their most hyped products I think. The stretch concealer was at the top of my bucket list when it comes to Glossier. I grabbed this in the shade, Medium and it’s a pretty perfect match. You would imagine this to have quite a matte finish on the skin, but in true Glossier style, it’s glowy AF. I touched upon using ‘make-up’ in a recent Blogtober post >> HERE << and let me tell you, when my current concealer runs out, I’ll never use anything else other than this!

// The Boy Brow \\

Again in that make-up post, I mentioned about brow gel. I’ve been loving my NYX brow gel but I now, as you can imagine, have a new favourite. The boy brow, unlike any I’ve ever tried, is actually a pomade which means your brows never feel crispy and gross. I picked this up in ‘clear’ as I’ve heard the coloured ones are never a great match. The only downside to this, is due to the thickness off my brows, I find the applicator a bit too small. Other than that, it’s a great product.

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// The Priming Moisturiser Rich \\

And rich it is. This is probably the most surprising out of all the products I purchased. I definitely thought this was going to be far too heavy for my skin and I wasn’t expecting it to be the consistency it is. It smells like lavender, it packs a punch in the moisture department and let me tell you, it’s the greatest moisturiser I have ever tried. This partnered with their Priming Moisturiser is just the greatest skin combo ever. I use the Priming Moisturiser on a day to day basis and the Rich Moisturiser on the days I have a shave or when my skin is feel particularly lacklustre. Honestly, It’s incredible!

Check out my Haul Video >> HERE <<

As you can probably guess, there is absolutely nothing I don’t like. It’s all amazing, I’m obsessed with it all and I’m using them all every. single. day. I would highly recommend any of you to try Glossier. I see a lot of bloggers hating on other bloggers for their use or work with Glossier. To me, I see it as jealousy and actually, their missing out on a great brand!

I hope you enjoyed this pretty long post and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday for another!

| Harrison |


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