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Tomorrow marks the end of Blogtober which in turn, marks the end of October. Yep, that’s another month gone. I absolutely cannot believe it. We’re quickly moving into the 11th month, it’ll soon be Christmas and in no time, we’re going to be balls deep in festive prep. So to mark the end of another month, I thought I would set out some goals I aim to achieve in the coming month.

I thought this would be a good way of reflecting when It comes to the beginning of December, a way I can see what I’ve achieved this month and a way of seeing if I actually achieved everything I set out to.

To make things realistic, I’m only going to set 3 goals. So let’s get into it…

// Go On A Date \\

I’ve been single since April now, I think it’s about time I get back on it and find myself a man. I’m very independent and I’m very much the type to be comfortable with being single. However, I’m aware I’m getting older and acutely aware of my hatred of being the third wheel. So I’ve been chatting to friends & a couple of us have each set the goal to go on a date. It’s much easier said than done but hey, we’ll see how it goes.

// Get On Top Of Christmas Shopping \\

November is the month that see’s the start of Christmas shopping. I’m an absolute sucker for Christmas, it’s literally my favourite time of the year. Far too often, I find myself getting overwhelmed with the festivities and losing track of my Christmas shopping. This year, I want to get on top of it early, get a good start & not leave the shopping to the last minute.

// Eat Better \\

The nights are longer, Christmas is coming and it’s bloody freezing again. These three are the recipe for disaster when it comes to my waist line. I’ve never been a big ‘dieter’ but in November, I definitely want to take care of my body a bit more, treat it better and eat better in the preparation for Christmas!


There we have it. My 3 goals set and ready. November, come at me… I’m ready for you! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the end of Blogtober!

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