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I appreciate this blog post goes live at 7:00am so for any of you who are reading this over your breakfast, I’ll spare you the gory details of my feet. Let’s just put it like this, they ain’t pretty.

For months now, I have been getting a bit more conscious over the state of my feet & thinking a little more about how I should take care of them. At the beginning of Blogtober, you would’ve seen me review a foot mask. Let me tell you, that absolutely worked wonders. The peeling that occurred was like that of something from a horror film… but it did the job.

Now I’ve removed that initial layer of pretty tough and pretty dead skin, it’s time to make sure I look after my feet and to make sure they don’t end up like they did before.

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On my mission for the perfect semi presentable feet, I’ve come across this life saver. The Soap & Glory Heel Genius. I actually came across this via my mum. She had used it before and recommended I tried it. After just one use, I saw such a difference. My feet looked smoother, felt softer and actually looked half decent. Obviously with anything, it’s not just an overnight fix. You really have to keep applying this and keep up the maintenance.

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Something I’ve come to learn & accept is: the skin on the bottom of your feet is actually meant to be harder. What I forget is they actually have to carry around my whole body, all day. If they were some soft, delicate feet then they’d be struggling. So to begin with, I think I was searching for the unrealistic. Now, with the help of Heel Genius my feet are reacting so well to the love I’m showing them and for once, It’s not embarrassing to get them out (not that it ever stopped me)

The Heel Genius, not only is a great product and works wonders, it smells incredible. As the ingredients suggest, it’s full of amazing scents such as Macadamia Oil, Menthol & Orange and Lemon. So I guess that helps the overall experience.

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For anyone in slight despair about your feet, before seeking any crazy treatments, I would definitely use this. Yes, the foot mask worked really well and my whole foot basically peeled off but it wasn’t practical whilst going through the peeling process. They looked horrific and left a trail of skin behind me anywhere I walked bare foot. Really not ideal & pretty rank!

So I’d suggest starting here, failing that try a foot mask BUT ALWAYS COME BACK! A foot mask isn’t going to solve all your foot troubles, you must look after them & keep up that maintenance!!

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