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Recently I’ve been shopping a lot on ASOS and as usual, I’ve been loving it. I’m really desperate to find a new coat but have had ZERO luck. Anyway, whilst browsing away, I’ve been coming across thing’s I’ve absolutely loved, but just haven’t purchased. Whether it be because of the price or because I think I’d just look hideous, but whatever the reason, I’ve not bit the bullet.

Today, I thought It’d be interesting to show you those things I’ve been loving but not buying.

// Shearling Coat \\

Firstly it’s this shearling coat. I really think this is going to be a massive trend for winter. ASOS are stocking loads of it and I’ve seen it all round the shops. I’ve fallen so in love with the coat above, I just haven’t had the guts to buy it. Why? Well I think I’ll look absolutely ridiculous in it. It’s a bit too oversized that I think it’ll just end up making me look fat. Also, It’s not cheap & considering it’s just going to be a ‘trend’ piece, I don’t fancy investing in something like that.

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// Fisherman’s Jumpers \\

Fisherman’s jumpers are just the one right now. I’ve always loved a chunky knit & have a fair few in my collection so it’s no doubt that I’m obsessed with this. The difference in fisherman’s jumpers is the neckline. It comes up a little higher than usual and is a little more chunky. The neckline is really the centre of attention and is what makes fisherman jumpers so unique. I absolutely love this one, It’s quite a decent price it’s just I’ve ordered (and sent back) so much stuff recently, that I’m waiting for all the refunds to come through before I drop even more dollar on ASOS!

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// Duster Coat \\

Oh this duster coat. Just look at it. I’m so obsessed and when I checked this morning, it’s NOW IN THE SALE! I’ve been looking at this for so long & I keep coming back to it. I love how effortlessly chic these jackets are, they really will transform any outfit and it’s something a little different. They’re not as casual as a normal coat but not as formal as a trench coat. They’re somewhere in the middle and I love it. The reason for not buying this? Well, I’m quite short… I’m about 5 ft 6/7… so having a long line coat is just going to make me look even shorter! I’m still undecided but I think I may have to give this one a miss.


I’m loving fashion right now. I’m really getting back into it and getting really excited for Autumn/Winter. Dressing for winter is by far my favourite. The heavy materials, the layers, the kitted jumpers. Just everything about it, I love!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post & I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Foody Friday!

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