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When you move into somewhere that needs a lot of work doing, you find yourself gazing at anything and everything to give you a little design inspiration. I’ve always been a huge  lover of interior design, but never been able to pursue it due to the fact I simply cannot draw.

However, today I’m going to talk you through the few places I’ve found that interior inspo & how it’s helping me create the perfect space. For me, the biggest thing I want whilst re-doing my room is a desk. With this whole blogging thing, having somewhere to sit, concentrate and get s**t done is so important.

So, let’s crack on.

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// Catalogues \\

Firstly, the best place to look is catalogues. You can view all those style goals from the comfort of your own home. Tick off what you do and don’t like and even tare pages out to create a mood board. These are the perfect way to create your own little vision.

// Pinterest \\

Talking of mood boards, Pinterest is your very own virtual mood board right at your fingertips. You can type in anything you want, search away and pin. I love that whole ‘Scandinavian’ look, so that’s something that’s featured quite heavily throughout my boards. Follow me on Pinterest >> HERE <<

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// Blogs \\

Somewhere I gain near enough all my inspiration from, blogs. They’re a great way of channelling your favourite bloggers’ styles into your home, get ideas from what they’ve achieved and more often than not, you’ll find that bloggers have given tips or have even done a bit of DIY to get the costs down.

// Stores \\

And of course, probably the most obvious one… the shops. Just go and have a mooch around the shops, see what styles and trends are out there and draw inspiration from what you see. It doesn’t even have to be homeware shop’s, some of my inspiration has come from just being in Urban Outfitters & Levi’s shopping for clothes. Look at the way stores have been merchandised & I’m sure you’ll see something you love.


Moving home is a great & wonderful time, even if it is a little stressful. I hope today’s post has helped some of you who have moved home/ about to move home or even some of you who are just looking to revamp your current place!

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