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When I first purchased the Gin Zing Moisturiser, I was in Macy’s in New York and ready to drop some serious dollar. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen as all I came out with was this & it was in the sale. However, from that moment I seemed to have a little bit of a love hate relationship with this product.

To begin with, I really wasn’t keen. I thought it made me break out, I didn’t like how heavy it was on the skin and I didn’t think I would be repurchasing. Over time, my opinion changed and my love grew. I now use this on the days I have a shave or for those times when my skin is feeling particularly dry and just needs a little ‘pick-me-up‘.

Recently, I ran out so went to my local Origins counter to repurchase and saw they did a cream version. COMPLETELY TORN. Did I go for the same thing? Do I go for something new? Help! Well, I decided to try the cream and today, I’m putting them head to head and giving you the low down.

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// The Cream \\

I’ve always been drawn towards cream moisturisers over gel, so when I saw that they did a cream version, I was pretty excited. I absolutely love the scent of this product, the whole Gin Zing range smells incredible, so that’s definitely a big bonus. What I really love about the cream is how it feels when applying it. I find cream moisturisers sink into the skin a lot more and give endless amounts of moisture!

As with the gel, I only ever use this on the occasions my skin is feeling particularly dry or when I’ve had a shave. For me, this moisturiser is too heavy for everyday use. My everyday moisturiser is something lighter like the Glossier Priming Moisturiser.

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// The Gel \\

What I love about the Gel version is how fresh it is. Because of the gel consistency, it almost feels cooling on the skin. It definitely glides across the skin nicely, however with gel moisturisers, I feel like they just sit on the skin rather than ‘penetrate’.

Over all, I prefer the cream version. It just feels incredible, I love a cream moisturiser, less is more & it’s giving me great results. I bought my first pot in New York and picked it up for $20, buying it here in the UK was £25 so I definitely didn’t feel like I was getting a bargain, however it’s definitely worth it. A great product and great brand!

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