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Again, I’ve been utterly awful with remaining constant with my ‘favourites’. Really, not a lot changes within a month so I find it hard to think of things, month in month out. However, I’ve put together just a few of the things I’m loving right now and I thought I’d talk you through them.

As always, click the headers to take you to anything that’s mentioned!

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// Vans \\

Firstly, my most favourite favourite. These old school vans. If any of you have kept up with the trends recently, you will know that these are well and truly back in fashion. I was undecided about them for such a long time but after trying them on, I forgot just how comfortable Vans are and how amazing they look. Money well spent! Keep an eye out for these in the coming months… I have a feeling they’re going to be all over my social media!

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// FunForLouis \\

I have been completely and utterly hooked on FunForLouis’ World Flight Series. If you’re unaware of who Louis is, he’s a nomadic travel blogger, exploring the corners of the world, on epic adventures and combing the modern world with complete wanderlust. He’s decided to take on the epic journey with his friend JP, they’ve bought their own plane and they’re circumnavigating the world. So far, the vlogs have been incredible and they’re not even half way!

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// The Brow Gel \\

I’ve mentioned this before and it’s definitely new to my beauty collection but recently I have been in love with this NYX Brow Gel. I picked this up from ASOS for just £6 and I’ve barely been able to put it down. I love the fact it’s clear, it doesn’t leave your brows crispy yet it tames them perfectly. I would highly recommend this!

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// Taste Card \\

Now for probably my most random favourite I’ve ever posted. My Taste Card. I recently got given a 2 month trial to Taste Card and as I eat out so often, it’s a match made in heaven. I’ve already used this a fair few times and have saved a bomb. The idea is you pay for the card, that then allows you to have 50% off or 2 for 1 in 100’s of different restaurants up and down the country. I’ll tell you what, when my trial runs out, i’ll definitely be repurchasing!


So a bit of a mixed bag today but I hope you’ve enjoyed all the things I’ve been loving. I’ll see you back here tomorrow when I’m putting 2 Origins products, head to head!

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