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This week I decided to try something I haven’t done in a while. Something I’ve always failed at and something I quite simply gave up on. BAKING! I’ve never been able to crack it (no pun intended). Every time I’ve ever tried, It’s always failed, the cake has never risen, it’s tasted rank or I’ve literally dropped the entire tray of cookies on the floor. So yeah, baking isn’t my strong point.

However, this week I threw caution to the wind, I spotted the banana’s were getting a bit too ripe, so I thought I’d make the most of it and bake a banana loaf. I loaded the BBC Good Food page and followed this recipe >> HERE <<

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Instead of going through the recipe step by step, I thought I’d talk you through what I learnt, how I found the experience and would I do it again? As a VERY amateur baker, virtually non-existent really, I thought It’d be interesting for you guys to see how I found it from my point of view.

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// Organisation \\

The first thing I figured out was how important it is to be organised. Having everything out that you’re going to need, all the bowls, spoons, measuring cups etc, just have it all out and if you can, all measured and I guarantee, you’ll find it waayyyyy easier. Measuring it out before you even start, means it’s just one less thing to stress about. And trust me, I get very stressed in the kitchen!

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// Timings \\

I think this is something I’ve come to realise, over my many years of failed cooking attempts. The timings are never right. This recipe said to cook it for 30 mins. Turns out, it needed to stay in the oven for around 40-45 mins before a skewer came out clean. Yes, the top did catch a little but I’d rather that than a soggy bottom!

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// Ease \\

I don’t know if it was just this recipe or whether I’ve just grown up but I was surprised at how easy it actually was. Once I had everything organised, I took each step at a time and also took my time with it, following a recipe is actually pretty easy. I must admit, I was pretty proud of myself!

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So there you have it. It wasn’t a disaster after all. And I think I would go as far as to say, I actually enjoyed myself & most importantly, it actually tastes beaut! I would highly recommend you try out this recipe if you like banana cake. Side Note: The recipe is more of a banana drizzle but I skipped that part… it was enough baking for one day!

So to answer my first question… Yes, I would do it again!

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