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You may have seen in my recent haul, I have discovered a new brand. B.Beauty. If I’m correct, this is exclusively to Superdrug… but don’t quote me on that. B.Beauty is a brand that is already established in the women’s beauty world and has recently taken the plunge into men’s beauty. Whilst mooching the aisles for Superdrug I came across it and decided to try it out.

For those eagle eyed viewers, you will notice from the Haul, I picked up 2 things from the brand, but today I’ll only be reviewing the cleanser. My reason for that? Well the shave cream was actual shite! It was awful! I literally have nothing good to say about it! Shaving is my most loathed task, so the fact I had to do it twice due to how crap the shave cream was, I really wasn’t happy!

But less of that and let’s get into the review.

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So this cleanser is new from the brand. It’s a 4 in 1 volcanic cleanser. 4 in 1? I know right! It can be used on hair, body, beard & face. I don’t have a beard, so for me it’s more 3 in 1. I tried it out on all 3 areas and I must say, it’s alright. For £5.99, it’s a pretty decent cleanser.

// Hair \\

Let’s start with what it does best. Hair. This by far, is best at being a shampoo. It lathers up perfectly, it smells incredible and it’s left my hair feeling really soft. As a shampoo, I can’t fault it.

// Body \\

In second, body wash. As a body wash it’s pretty middle of the road. It doesn’t lather massively but then I guess body wash never really does. The only thing I have found with it, you end up having to use loads of product. Definitely a bit of a downside.

// Face \\

Me being a bit of a cleanser snob, I was never going to fall head over heels for a product that claims to be great for hair, body & face. I think sometimes, a product should just stick in it’s lane. I really wasn’t a fan of this as a cleanser. It didn’t really do much for me, it left my face feeling really tight and actually, it caused me to break out. Buutt, don’t let that put you off. It could work great for some people.

If I was going to market this product, I’d definitely head down the ‘travel’ route. For me, this product would be ideal for someone who’s travelling. It means all you need to take is this one bottle, and you have everything you need. For every day use, I’d maybe recommend it as a shampoo however there are so many better ones, I don’t think it could compete.

Overall, I’d score it a 6 out of 10. Not awful, but could be better!

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