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Man makeup. Is it a thing? Who even said make up was for women in the first place? Well let me tell you It is becoming more of a ‘thing’ and I don’t remember seeing anywhere that is said men can’t wear it!

We’re in the 21st century and men are becoming more and more conscious about their looks and you’ll find that men, take just as long as women to get ready. With shows like TOWIE & Made In Chelsea, male grooming is at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now. From fake tans, to big hair and everything in between, men’s beauty is a real phenomenon right now.

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I’ve been wearing make up for a few years now. It started when I was stealing my mum’s concealer to cover up a few spots. When I was younger, I had quite temperamental skin, so a cover up was pretty essential. Instead of stealing mum’s, I decided to buy my own.

I then got introduced to the Benefit Porefessional Primer. I don’t use this for it’s ‘traditional’ purpose which is to reduce the look of pores and prime the skin. I use this to eliminate shine. I tend to have quite oily skin, so I find this works really well to get rid of that shine and give my skin a more even complexion.

And then in most recent times… Most recent being last week, I’ve got onto the brow gel hype. This is more of a fad to be honest. I’ve seen a lot of beauty bloggers using these and I’ve always wanted to give it a go. I’ve got quite thick brows so using something to tame them is always most welcomed. I’ve been using it for about a week now & I’m loving it!

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You don’t have to be a woman or a gay man to wear make up. Lot’s of people wear it and it’s not all about caking yourself in the stuff. Like me, I just use it to enhance what I’ve already got and just to cover up a few area’s I dislike. I think this is as far as I’ll ever go with makeup, don’t expect to see me with a full eye shadow pallette and doing a Sephora Haul any time soon.

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