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Welcome back to day 2 of Blogtober. Today I’m going to touch upon a subject that I’ve been struggling with recently and something I feel all bloggers have been going through. Without following the steps in today’s post, Blogtober would not be happening.

So as the title suggests, today we’re going to be going through how to overcome a creative ‘lull’. I’ve seen it all over Twitter, Instagram & Youtube with a lot of bloggers and vloggers feeling like they’re a bit stuck in the creative world. With Instagram and it’s ever changing algorithm, views being reduced and just an overwhelming feeling of being lost in this crazy world of blogging.

So how did I overcome it? Well, let me tell you.

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Firstly I write lists. I use my notepad to jot down all and any ideas I have so I can have a little bit of a ‘creative vomit’ and get a few ideas down onto paper. Not only that but I can revisit lists from previous blog posts, look back on what I’ve posted before and gain some inspiration from previous work.

Not only does it help with getting the ideas down onto paper, it also allows for you to remain organised and plan ahead. This is definitely something I’m needing whilst I tackle Blogtober!

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Look at other peoples blogs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with reading your favourite blogs and getting some inspiration from the posts they’ve been uploading. This is a step I absolutely love to follow. It gives me time to sit, have a break and just catch up on blogs… all whilst getting inspiration. Don’t just copy their work, word for word, but there is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from their blog posts. My favourite blogger that I will always refer to is @TheAnnaEdit.

Lastly and as backwards as it sounds, but just take a break. I upload 3 days a week, whilst uploading to Instagram daily, then tweeting, vlogging etc… it all get’s too much sometimes. There is nothing wrong with having a detox, taking a step back and stop uploading for a while. Trust me, the break will do you good.


Following these steps, has been a crucial part in allowing me to do Blogtober. With that in mind, once it’s finished, I definitely plan to take a break from uploading before diving head first into the Christmas period… Yes, I’m talking about Christmas already!

Thanks for joining me on day 2 of Blogtober, enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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