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Today see’s us reach the end of Tough Talks but it also see’s the start of Blogtober… You know what they say, when one door closes, another door opens! So for the final instalment of Tough Talks, I’m going to be touching on politics. Something that is encapsulating the media at the moment, something we can’t escape from and something that everyone is feeling a little frustrated with. To be fair, I should’ve titled this post ‘current affairs’, but I feel politics has a very strong presence in today’s post.

So the three subject’s that I’ll be touching on today are: Trump, Brexit & Terrorism. 3 quite hideous topics but nevertheless, the 3 topics that seem to dominate today’s news. So let’s get started.

// Trump \\

What a hideous little man. Trump is absolutely an example of ‘money is power’. It really proves that if you have enough money, you can do anything. And what has Trump done with is money? Become bloody president. How and who made this happen. American politics has always baffled me with the way they do things. Hilary won majority vote, but Trump had larger states, so won? But more individual people actually voted for Hilary, right? So I clearly just have no idea how it works over there but what I do know is, Trump should not be where he is today.

Every single decision he’s made has either been overruled by the Supreme Court or has lead to his staff quitting. He’s a media circus and a celebrity. Not a president. Trump was great at what he did before, playing up to the limelight, hogging the media and heading up trashy reality TV. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great businessman… stick to the day job!

Since Trump has been in power, more and more stories of catastrophic events have been in the media day in, day out. He even went and visited the victims of Hurricane Irma and thought he had a great ‘turn out’ of crowds. The day that man came into power was the start of a pretty sh**ty four years. Even Melania looks miserable next to him!

// Brexit \\

What a sh*t show Brexit has turned out to be. Politicians went about their campaigns, promises were made and people voted based on these promises. I think everyone thought we would remain, so the moment the result came in and it was leave, the country panicked. Boris and his £350million a week saving promise: out the window. Cameron seeing us through Brexit: out the window. A quick & smooth exit from the EU: out the window. Everything and anything that’s been promised as part of Brexit has just been a shambles.

People have their many opinions on Theresa May. I actually quite like her. I like the fact she voted to ‘remain’, David Cameron stood down so May became PM and although it wasn’t what she wanted, she decided to steer the country through the Brexit Negotiations and try to negotiate the best possible deal. Not only that, but she got on with it straight away. No fussing around. But oh no, the public didn’t like that, she was moving to quick! WHAT?!? This is what annoyed me about the whole thing. The great British public voted to leave the EU, so when Theresa May comes into power and begins to actually leave, the public start to get scared and back down. You’ve made your bed, it’s time to lay in it!!

Either way, we’re leaving the EU. Whatever happen’s happens It’s time it was all done with so we can stop talking about it, build a new life as an independent country and no doubt, we’ll survive. It’s happened before, it’ll happen again.

// Terrorism \\

Well, I don’t really know what to say about this. What can you say? It’s just awful. In 2017  alone, we’ve encountered the most hideous of terror attacks. From the Manchester bombings, to the several London attacks, Turkey, Berlin, Barcelona… It really is scary.

In my eyes, I can’t see why countries can’t come together to go in and storm ISIS to put an end to it… but that’s just me, who am I to know how things work. The whole thing is just awful. Surely there is a different way to deal with things than violence.

You can’t go anywhere these days without the possibility of something happening. For god’s sake, my local shopping centre is being patrolled with armed police due to the terror threat. Honestly, I don’t know what this world is coming to.


I’m going to put Tough Talks to bed now. I’ve enjoyed exploring & talking about these tough subjects and putting out some slightly different content. I hope you’ve enjoyed the switch up and as I’ve said before, I hope no offence has been taken throughout this series.

I look forward to the rest of the month & getting Blogtober fully under way. I hope you enjoy the endless amount of content this month & I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

| Harrison |


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