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God it feels weird to be back. I know there have been blog posts going up but I had to schedule all of them as I’ve recently moved house and knew I wouldn’t have internet for a week whilst. So actually sitting down to write this post, feels weird. But I’m back nevertheless, so let’s have a catch up…

Well, moving house is pretty stressful, isn’t it. The exchange of money, the moving in, the figuring out a new house and the cleaning of everything. It’s all been a little overwhelming and life seem’s to be a bit non-stop. I’m planning to do a blog post about moving house once we’ve been in here a little longer and I have a bit more to say.

To escape the craziness of it all, the weekend after moving into the new house, I decided to pack a bag and head for Penzance, Cornwall. The escape was much needed.

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We took the 4 hour drive down to Cornwall on the Friday night, stayed with family and woke up bright and early the next day, to beautiful sunny skies. Dad and I decided to head over to St Michaels Mount, somewhere I’ve not been for years. It was absolutely dead and nobody was around… it was perfect.

We spent ages just walking around the island, taking in the sights, snapping away and enjoying the sun. After that, we head back down the path to have breakfast on the beach, in a restaurant called The Godolphin.

I would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone. The food was incredible.

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We then head into town to look around the shops. Penzance doesn’t really have too much of a sprawling metropolis… however, what it lacks in volume, it makes up in quality. We spent a further 2 hours just mooching in and out of the little, unusual shops seeing if there was anything worth our money.

After a pretty disappointing turn out on the shopping front, we head home…

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The late morning/early afternoon was spent in the garden, cup of tea in hand just watching the world go by. Honestly, the pure tranquillity of it was just so perfect. At that moment in time, I didn’t want to be anywhere else.

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August/September has proven to be pretty hectic. My diary is jam packed, I’ve been heading here, there and everywhere and in the past week especially, It’s been a bit non stop. With work being busier than ever, the house move, keeping up to date on blog stuff & managing a social life, it’s all been a little much.

This little break away, was just what I needed. I can definitely say, Cornwall is one of my ‘happy places’. I have 2 weeks off work towards the end of the month, the family and I are heading back down to Cornwall to spend a few days. My plan is to go ‘radio silent’ and completely relax. A little detox is on the cards.

Other than that, everything has been pretty good. I’m excited to finally have wi-fi in this new house and I’m buzzing to get creating content! I’ll see you back here on Wednesday for another post. N.B: I have no idea what it is yet!!

Thanks for checking in.

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