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Oh what a peeling…

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If you ever need to find me on the weekends, I’ll be in Boot’s, balls deep in the face mask aisle. Yep, I am completely & utterly addicted to the things. You guessed it, I’ve found a new one!

I’ve never really bonded with peel-off masks. I’ve always found they never actually peel off like they say they should. I’ve just thought they’re a bit of a beauty trend and sooner or later, the trend will die down. However, I’ve tried jumping on that bandwagon again and I think I’ve found the one.

The Soap & Glory De-Clog Peel-Off Mask. A name that just rolls off your tongue…

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The mask contains 2 tubs & a spatular for application. You apply the mask all over your face, spread out evenly and leave for 20-25 mins. Peel it off, wash your face and boom, you’re good to go! Honestly, this mask is SOOOOO good!

I must admit, I was really reluctant to try this but I’m a sucker for anything new-in. I first tried this mask when my skin was going through a little temperamental stage but I kid you not, after one application, I peeled the mask off and the results were visibly clear! With just one application my skin looked sooo much better!

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Yes, this is the best peel-off mask I have ever used!

Granted, the application of the mask is pretty shit. That spatular you get, don’t even bother. It’s a croc of shit, you’re better off using your fingers!

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The biggest surprise? The mask is pink! No joke, I honestly thought it was going to be black. So you can imagine my face when I peeled open the little pot to see this!

It smells great, works great and whats even better… It’s only £4! Soap & Glory is a brand I’ve never really taken notice of before, but after trying this and also their foot cream (honestly, I have the worst feet ever), It’s becoming a brand I love!

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Here is actual footage of the face I pulled when I realised what colour the mask was. I can officially say, I’m now a convert to the peel-off mask!

If this mask carries on the way it is, be sure to see this in my next ‘favourites’!

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