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I know I know. Many of you look at me and think ‘model’. I get it all the time. I really am blessed.

PAH #Bantz. Literally, I’m so awkward, it’s unreal. Today, I thought I would treat you to the bloopers of my recent blog post. You would’ve seen a few weeks ago I re-launched my blog. I launched it with >> THIS << blog post, which featured quite a few pictures of me. Emma and I went out on a photoshoot and came back with over 100 images… most of which were unusable.


Today I thought I’d show you a few of my favourite bloopers and prove just how uncomfortable and awkward I am in front of the camera. Please, do not ask what was going on in the above image.


This picture above is my ‘embracing nature‘ pose. Again, I really have no idea what’s going on.

In all seriousness, for other bloggers out there. Remember, it is awkward taking pictures of yourself. No matter how many times you do it, how often to have them done and how good the results may be… standing in front of a camera posing, is ALWAYS going to be awkward.

Just get your photographer to take LOADS of pictures, tell them to keep taking them while you stand a pose. Out of the 100+ pictures taken, I think I liked about 7 of them. It’s a numbers game.


If any of you want to know what I look like whilst flirting… It’s probably something a lot like this. Yeahhhh, not cool.


And this bad boy, I have no words. Like that the hell am I even meant to be doing here? Some form of f’d up dancing….

A slight change in program, but I wanted you to experience these incredible bloopers. I’ll be back on Wednesday where normality continues!

| Harrison |


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