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So last week I told you I would try and put something a littler healthier on the Foody Friday posts… Well, I’ve kind of done it. Look on the bright side, It’s not cake!

As you would’ve seen, this week I was invited to The New Forest Show & in that blog post, I mentioned about all the food I was loving there. Well, these are some of those foods.

I’ve officially become a cheese & crackers kinda guy. What is going on?

I picked up this amazing garlic, pickle, chutney type stuff (unsure of it’s official title) and this incredible garlic & herb cheese. Yes, I love garlic. No, I don’t need to worry about kissing anyone. #SingleLife

But yes, this week I have eaten my own weight in cheese & crackers and I’m not even sorry about it!

I hope you enjoy your weekend. You’ll find me on the sofa, finishing off the this cheese!

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