Growing Up. It’ll Be Alright | By Harrison

I’ve blocked everyone’s faces out of respect for them… not because I’m self obsessed. 


The Facebook ‘on this day‘ feature, has become my new favourite things. Some of the stuff that has been popping up, is far too cringe to show anyone. However, this time seven years ago, it was my prom. And boy, did that bring back some memories.

So I kind of wanted to sit down and write about growing up and what I’ve learnt over the last seven years. So get ready, sit tight, there may be some heavy subjects, so I’ve put up some funny pictures to try and balance it out.
But here goes nothing…


// Friends \\

The biggest thing I have learnt about is, friends. How actually, having friends can be the most rewarding thing but equally the most difficult.
You may think, at the ripe old age of 16, that those people you call friends, will be your friends forever. Well, they won’t. I guarantee, in 7 years time, you’ll be looking back at it all and thinking to yourself “What the hell happened?“. You’ll all go do different colleges & sixth forms, create new friends and time will take over. You life paths will go different ways.

Also, you may learn that people who say they’re your friend, aren’t really your friend. They may plaster everything all over social media, they may tell you all the time ‘how much they love you‘ but really, when it comes down to it, they’re not your friend. They just like the idea of being your friend.
Stay wary. Don’t be fooled. Some people aren’t your friend for the right reason.

But all that aside, I have learnt that the friends I do have, are the BEST friends in the whole world. The people I surround myself with now, are the people I know I will be friends with for the rest of my life. They’re the ones who are there for me no matter what, when times get tough, just the simplest of texts can brighten my day. Surround yourself with good, like minded people and you’ll be set for life.

// Strength \\
Sooooo much has happened in these last seven years. From make ups, to break ups, coming out as gay, having my first ‘proper‘ boyfriend, going on holiday alone for the first time, seeing so much of the world, starting & building this blog, family issues, health issues… god, it’s all happened.
The one thing it all has taught me, is how strong I am. I really can get through anything.
And so can you!!
// What’s important \\
I’ve also learnt a lot about what’s important in life. I remember being that 16 year old, without a care in the world. Going around town, blackberry in hand (remember blackberry’s?), gossiping my way through life. Bournemouth back then, really was like one big episode of The Hills. The people I surrounded myself with, probably weren’t the best.
But since that, I’ve soon learnt what’s important to me in life. To be happy.
To see the world, spend time with the people I love. Don’t sweat the small stuff and just enjoy life. It’s not all about money, fancy cars and big houses… Actually the most simple things like taking a walk in the countryside, is what it’s all about.

// It’ll Be Alright \\

Everything will be alright. Yes, growing up is scary. You never know what’s around the corner, what life is going to throw at you next. But there is something quite exciting about that. And you know what? Whatever life does throw at you. You’ll get through it. You’ll work it out, you’ll pull together with those who you need to and you’ll get through it.
Everything is going to be alright!!

A slightly random post for today. But recently I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I just needed to vent.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the switch up in blog posts & I’ll see you back here, on Friday for another Foody Friday.

| Harrison |


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