My Second Attempt At Origins | Review By Harrison

There I was. Browsing the aisles of Macy’s, my wallet burning a whole in my pocket, getting that urge to drop some serious cash. 
Hello sir, would you like to try some?“. 
A beautifully made up lady, came at us from across the room and approached us with this. 
If you’re a long time reader of the blog, then you may remember a post I did around the products I love & the one’s I hate. Unfortunately, the Origins Gin Zing peel mask was in that list of the things I hate. It really didn’t do anything for me. First and foremost, It didn’t actually peel. 
That aside, I thought I’d give Origins another go. One more attempt for them to restore my faith in the brand and make me fall in love. 
But did they do it? Keep reading to find out. 

In short. Yes. However, the ride wasn’t as simple as that. 
First impressions: I absolutely loved the scent. It’s so unbelievably fresh & packs the moisture. The scent quite simply, is oranges. So that, I absolutely loved. 
After using it for about a week, I started noticing my skin was breaking out a little. This could either be down to the new moisturiser or the fact it was incredibly hot here in the UK that week. The breaking out has stopped, so I’m not holding this solely responsible for that. 
Now that I’ve been using it for around 2 weeks, I’m completely sold & Origins have restored my faith in them. 
This is a gel moisturiser, however it’s so creamy. You really don’t need much as it’s really packing the moisture and a little goes a long way, 
The packaging is sleek and simple & it’s great value for money. I can see this is one of those products that’ll last me a while and definitely something I’ll be repurchasing. 
This is the perfect moisturiser to get you through the summer. 
Moral of the story? Don’t judge based on first impressions.
I didn’t have the best experience with Origins. However, after giving them another go, they’ve proved me wrong and I’m a little in love.

There are so many other products I’m yet to try and can’t wait to. But for now, I’ll be enjoying this moisturiser for many weeks to come.

So I’ll join you back here, same time Wednesday for a post full of MAJOR throwback pictures. It’s going to be a cringey one.

| Harrison | 


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