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Here we are then, the last of the New York week. It’s been a full on week of blog posts, but I hope you have enjoyed the content. 
Today, I bring your my favourite looks from my time in New York. 
Unusually there is a lot of colour. 
// Edge \\ 
Kicking it off is this pink Adidas t-shirt. Pink has never been my colour… to be honest, colour has never been my colour. I’ve really been enjoying adding different pieces to my wardrobe, and one of those is this t-shirt. 
Paired with a pair of black ripped jeans, It has a slight edge and kind of tones down the brightness of the t-shirt. 
Definitely something I loved wearing this trip. 
// Cool \\ 
With New York being so incredibly hot, I decided to wack out this shirt. I purchased this last year and didn’t get to wear it much. It’s a black shirt with green leaves all over it. It gives me my fix of black, yet still adds that pop of colour. 
Again, to tone it down, I paired it with a pair of black jeans and also my new black Adidas Hamberg’s. 
The perfect outfit that keeps you cool, whilst looking cool.  
// Bright \\ 
Finally we have this outfit. Bringing out the pink t-shirt again, I decided go with a ‘no black‘ outfit. This time I paired the t-shirt with some of my new favourite jeans by Lock Stock & Barrel. These jeans have embroidery all over them. On the front, if you look closely you can see an ice lolly. Above that is a doughnut and on the back is also a doughnut and ice cube.
 These are a really fun pair of shorts that just bring this whole outfit to life. 
This day in particular was boiling. It was over 100 degree heat, so naturally I put on my trusty Haviana flip flops. 
I’ve been really into my fashion recently & loved it more than ever on this trip. 
So that’s it folks, that wraps up an entire week of blog posts, dedicated to my trip in New York. Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I’ll see you back here on Monday for a review of a product I am absolutely loving! 
Have a great weekend! 
| Harrison | 


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