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Oh my god. Did I or did I not go a little crazy? 
Welcome to the blog post I have been most excited to create. The haul! Wherever you go in New York, there are just shops everywhere. So much temptation and not a whole lot of resistance. 
So sit back and enjoy this post. 

// Glossier Set \\ 
By far the most exciting for me. Everyone goes on about Glossier and annoyingly they don’t ship to the UK. I’ve heard so many great things, that I just had to try some. I bought this set for $45. The Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser & The Balm Dot Com. As I write this post, I am yet to try any of it but keep your eyes peeled as I definitely plan to do a review on this once it’s all been tried and tested. 

// Origins Moisturiser \\
If you’ve seen me blog about Origins before, then you’ll be led to believe that I’m not their biggest fan. I tried their GinZing peel mask and was really under impressed. 
However, whilst in Macy’s I was mooching around the Origins stand & came across this. Their GinZing moisturiser. I tried a little bit and OMG, it smells like oranges. It’s so fresh & hydrating… Plus it was 20% off! 
So I’m going to give it another go and report back with the results. 

// Sunglasses & Levi Jacket \\ 
Let’s start with the glasses. These were my first purchase in New York after going out and forgetting to put mine on. I made a mad dash for Urban Outfitters and picked these up for only $15. It doesn’t show up great on the picture, but they’re actually mirrored. So cool & so on trend right now. Plus, they’re really comfortable to wear. 
Then the jacket. Oh, Levi. You took so much money from me on this trip. My plan was to go out there and buy a Levi Denim jacket. It wasn’t until the last day, I picked this one up. I’m absolutely in love. It’s oversized, it’s rustic and it’s just perfect. I absolutely cannot wait to style this!

// Levi Cap \\ 
I’ve become a bit of a lover of caps. This is now my third one. I picked this up from Levi as It also had 20% off. It’s such a soft, comfortable hat and the colours are great with what I wear. A very american style & again, I’m really looking forward to wearing this. 

// Levi T-Shirt \\ 
This last one was actually an accidental purchase. I spilt red ice lolly down a white t-shirt I already had on, so in a panic, I ran into the closest shop which happened to be Levi to pick this up. The guy was so nice in there, helped me out and turns out, I actually love the t -shirt. You know what they say, everything happens for a reason. 
// Pancake Lens \\ 
All of these pictures were taken using my new lens. I went into the B&H camera store whilst in NYC and picked up the pancake lens. A fixed lens with incredible, crisp quality. The pancake lens is perfect for blogging so prepare for some amazing quality pictures. 
After spending all that money, I feel highly satisfied that I truly shopped until I dropped. 
Check out the last Vlog of my trip!

So I’ll see you back here tomorrow, for the last of my week full of blog posts! 
| Harrison | 

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