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Today I’m going to talk you through the tips and tricks that helped us navigate the city, save some time & money and also get the best out of the short time we had there. 

// The Subway \\

By far, the best thing you could do whilst in New York. Use the subway, get a metro card. Trust me, it’s worth it. For someone who doesn’t even like the tube in London, I was pleasantly surprised with how easy the subways were in New York.
It’s really simple. There’s uptown & downtown. 1, 2 and 3 goes horizontally. A, B and C goes vertically. Nail that and you’ll get anywhere.
The metro card, cost us around $10 a day, each. So it’s a really cheap way of travelling around.

Equally, you can walk, but your feet will probably end up looking a lot like mine. Blistered.

// Food \\

Now I love my food, so the thought of someone telling me to skip a meal is just ludicrous. However, that’s exactly what I’m telling you to do.
We always had a big breakfast and dinner. Skip lunch. The portions are so big out there, a good breakfast will see you through the day.
Stop for coffees during the day, but you won’t really need food… unless it’s a an ice lolly on a hot day.

By doing this one very small thing, you’ll save yourself so much time and money.

// Top Of The Rock \\

When you think of New York, you think of the Empire State building. Yes, you’re able to go up that. But you’re in the Empire State, so how are you going to get decent pictures of it?
Well, go to the ‘Top Of The Rock“. The Rockefeller Centre is a few blocks away from the Empire State, but once up the top, you have just as good views of Manhattan, WITH the Empire State in the picture. It’s a far cheaper & less busier version.
I would highly recommend doing this instead of the Empire State.

// Pier 16 \\

Obviously, you’re in New York, you’re going to want to see the Statue Of Liberty. Well, I have the best way of doing it.
To get up the crown, there is a 3 month waiting list. So if you can’t go up the statue, then whats the point of going on the island? After all, the best views are from the river, right?

With that in mind, go to ‘Pier 16‘ instead of the ‘Staten Island Ferry‘, catch that ferry tour and you will not regret it.
The boat just a big, with a guide to tell you exactly what you’re looking at. The difference is, the boat doesn’t stop on the island & it’s absolutely dead. When we went, we practically got the entire boat to ourselves, the guide was amazing & it was just as good, for half the price.

They’re all very small things, but they all really helped us along on the trip, saved us money and allowed us to do even more by saving time.

Check out day 3 of the Vlogs below!

Check out tomorrow’s post, we’re in for a HUGE haul!!

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