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This blog post goes live in the wake of the General Election that happened here in the UK, yesterday. 
This blog post also goes live as I’m 40000 feet above sea level, on my way to New York. 
It’s not so much the election itself, It’s more so how they’ve gone about it and the things that have been said. Specifically, gay rights. 
Firstly, I would like to say that yes, I am a gay man but no, I have never felt the obligation to fight for gay rights. In my opinion, fighting for gay rights is doing us more harm. The point of the fight is for equality, right? Surely what’s more powerful is there be no fight. There shouldn’t need to be. It shouldn’t need to be a topic for discussion and have such weight on the manifesto’s presented by both parties. 
Somebodies sexuality shouldn’t be the reason to vote for a party leader. Talking of whether someone likes men or women should not be a reason for someone winning a race. As I mentioned in my above tweets, even talking about it just shows how much work is left to be done in this movement for true equality. 
My view is always: Its doesn’t need to be a thing. 
Straight people don’t come out as straight, so why should gay people come out as gay. We’re all the same. That’s the point of equality. 
Over the past weeks, the media has put a lot of light on Theresa May’s voting history in relation to Gay Rights & how she’s changed her mind. I neither agree nor disagree with her actions & opinions, everyone is entitled to them. But what I do disagree with, is the fact that sexuality should have such presence in the fight for Number 10. 
“A politicians voting history is like someone’s browser history. It changes with the seasons.” 

I also agree with May’s decision to decline attendance in the debates. They’re not debates. They’re just excuses for politicians to get up there and mug sling. What help is that doing? Politicians have a job to do, so do it. Don’t get up on live TV & argue. 

So I feel like what I’m trying to say is this. I might not be the biggest advocate for Gay Rights and that’s because I don’t believe in it. I believe in Human Rights. I believe that us, as humans, have the right to be whoever we want to be. Whether were gay, straight, bi or whatever, at the end of the day, it’s just a sexual preference. 
Sorry for the slight change in tone today, however I felt like getting my opinion out there. 
Usual post schedule resumes next week. 
| Harrison | 

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