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I am now well into the thick of it with last minute holiday prep & that ever exciting countdown. In just 2 days, I hop on a plane and head for NYC. 
Today, I thought I would give you a whistle stop tour of the essentials I’ll be taking in my carry on. Packing my carry on is just as important as the main suitcase. I like to make sure I have everything I could need & want to make the flight as comfortable as possible. 
So let’s get into it… 
// Electronics \\ 
I like to carry plenty of electronics with me to help with that inevitable, mid-flight boredom. My iPad has movies on it incase the in flight ones are crap. My iPhone is with me wherever I go & I also like to take my iPod for music. All the essentials to get me through this flight. 
I’ll also be carrying my vlogging camera if I’m vlogging the trip. I’ve been really umming & ahhh’ing about whether to vlog this trip or not. I’ve been having a bit of a creative lul over on my Youtube channel. 
I think I’ve come to the decision that I will vlog… otherwise I think I’d regret it. 
// The Must Haves \\ 
Quite simply, wallet & passport. Without either of these, I really won’t be getting very far. My Credit Card is free to use abroad, so this is a really great way to avoid carrying loads of cash. Equally, you can get a ‘cash passport‘ which is a loadable card, free to use anywhere in the world. We have done both. 
Also, I’ll be carrying a few dollar bills, but using the plastic limits the risk. 

// The Comforts \\ 
My cosmetic bag & socks. Both things that aren’t quite essential, but are really nice to have with you to either freshen up on the flight or just keep warm. 
I like to travel in shorts & flip flops, so carrying a pair of nice cosy socks in your bag will avoid your feet getting cold. 
Stay comfortable & you’ll be fine! 
So there you have it, a quick look into what will be coming with me on the plane. Time for me to sit down & start listing everything I need to pack. All of a sudden, I’m feeling highly unorganised! 
Thanks for reading & I’ll see you back here on Friday! 
| Harrison |

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