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Welcome to a week of travel related blog posts. It’s finally here! On Friday, I fly to New York a put a huge tick on that bucket list!! 
Talking of bucket lists, today I thought I would share with you all what my ‘Bucket List‘ looks like. As you know, I have such a passion for travel & have managed to see some amazing places. 
However, there are still soooo many places yet to see. 
So sit back, grab a cuppa & prepare for some major wanderlust! 
// Reality \\ 
– Stockholm
– Amsterdam
– Go back to South Africa
These destinations are the ones that, in my head, are going to be more of a reality. The ones that are easier accessible & one’s that can be completed sooner rather than later. 
Italy, Stockholm & Amsterdam. All places that are only a few hours on a plane. All places that have interested me & one’s that just look absolutely incredible. I really haven’t seen as much of Europe as I should’ve. 
South Africa. Well, it just completely stole me heart. If I could, I would call it home. Without a shadow of a doubt, the best place I have ever been. 
// Dream \\ 
– Cuba
– Bali
– Canada
– Maldives
– Thailand
Dominican Republic
These are all the places that seem to be a little bit of a dream. The ones that are more expensive, a little further away & the ones that seem a bit out of reach. 
Cuba just seems incredible. I love the whole idea of it being ‘stuck in the past‘ with all the vintage cars, brightly coloured buildings & simple way of life. 
Bali, Maldives, Dominican Republic & Thailand just look so luxury. The white sand, crystal clear water & hotels on stilts in the sea. Who wouldn’t want that? 
Cali & Canada just have so much going on. So much to explore & see. I could spend months there. 
There really is so much to see in the world. Life is short so get out there & see as much as you can. 
I’ll see you back here on Wednesday for another NYC related post. 
The countdown has well & truly begun. 
| Harrison | 

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