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Okay, So I’ve experimented with the sizing of the images on this blog post… Not sure how I feel about it yet, but we’ll go with it. 
I absolutely, 100% am a self-confessed shoe addict. The pleasure of buying & styling a new pair of shoes is one that only a shoe addict could fully appreciate. 
So with that in mind, today I thought I would talk you through my favourite footwear & why I love them so much. As always, the headers are links, so click them to find out more about each individual shoe. 

These are my newest pair of shoes, which actually I have bought to get me around New York. I had been eyeing these up for at least a year & have no regrets about the purchase. 
The Adidas Hamburg is a mix between a shoe & a trainer, which is the reason I love them so much. Black & white obviously goes with everything, the brown sole is a little different and they’re so comfortable. 
Literally nothing, not to like about these. I’ve been wearing them everywhere & love them even more now they’re a little worn in. 

I actually bought these out in Florida a few years ago. When I was shopping around for shoes, I looked at these and almost dismissed them. They were completely not my style of shoe at all. It wasn’t until I put them on that I actually fell in love. 
I prefer to style these with shorts & a vintage shirt. I love that these are a bit of retro looking shoe & look so cool with a vintage shirt. 
I’ve gotten so much wear out of these, especially this year after re-discovering them at the bottom of my wardrobe. 

// ASOS Chelsea Boots \\ 
I’m so gutted I couldn’t get the link to these boots. I got them from ASOS at such a bargain. I think they were only around £30 & they’re honestly the best boot’s I’ve ever owned. They’re so comfortable, they’re a little ‘different‘ with the creased detailing & they literally go with anything. 
I love these because they’re just that little smarter. For those occasions where you really need to be making some sort of effort, throw these on & it looks like you’ve done just that.
A great find & one I’ll be wearing for years.

// Havaianas \\
In the summer I live in flip flops & there is only one brand I’ll wear. Havaianas. 
I’m such a pro at walking in flip flops, I find them so comfortable & great for maximising that tan. 
Some people are so against them but these actually look cool, they go with everything and are just a great, simple sandal. 
Highly recommended. 
And there we go. My four, favourite footwear items. One for all occasions & seasons. 
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post & the slightly larger images (We’ll see how long that lasts). I’ll see you back here, same time on Friday. 
| Harrison | 

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