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If you’re reading this on upload day, then here in the UK it’s Bank Holiday Monday. Basically, we all get a long weekend & an extra day to sit and do nothing. My favourite thing. 
As you all have probably guessed, I absolutely love sitting on my arse, chilling in front of the TV & watching Netflix. I am the epitome of Netflix & Chill.

So what better person than me to give the ultimate recommendations of what to watch on Netflix this bank holiday…  
// Riverdale \\ 
Holy cow. The hype is real. If you’re going to watch anything, it needs to be Riverdale. In a nutshell, it’s the story of a school boy, Jason Blossom who’s killed. It’s set in Riverdale & follows the lives of the high school students, their lives, connections with Jason Blossom & ultimately uncovering the cause of his death. 
The characters are stupidly attractive, the storyline is so gripping & everyone is so likeable. 
A really easy watch!

// How To Get Away With Murder \\ 
Probably my favourite thing I have ever watched on Netflix. Not an original, but definitely a favourite. 
HTGAWM is all about Annalise Keating, a lawyer & uni lecturer who hires a group of her students to work at her law firm. Her husband dies, who did it, will she stop at anything? Annalise will literally stop at nothing to get what she wants, but is she always doing the right thing? 
Sooo many twists & turns, it’s the most gripping show! I absolutely love it!!!  

// Making A Murderer \\ 
You’ve all probably heard of this. But Making A Murderer is a documentary, following the lawyers of Steven Avery, a troubled guy from a small town who spent decades, incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit. 
This is such a shocking documentary that highlights how corrupt to judicial system is & how people are judged and can so easily be framed. 
Not the nicest of stories, but so incredibly fascinating. 

// The Ivory Game \\ 
Probably the hardest one to watch. But it needs to be documented to stop this awful crime. 
The Ivory Game is again a documentary. This time following a group of Anti-poachers, trying to stop the killing of innocent elephants, for the sale of their tusks. 
China is the biggest retailer of Ivory, selling & distributing it to build a multi million dollar industry at the expense of beautiful, innocent animals. 
Some of the footage in this documentary is really tough to see, but the message is 100% delivered. This needs to stop, raise the awareness & let’s destroy the industry! 
There you go, some great suggestions to watch whilst you’re lazing on the sofa this bank holiday.
I hope you’ve enjoyed your extended weekend & enjoyed these recommendations. 
See you back here on Wednesday. 
| Harrison |

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