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Ugh I’m so annoyed I didn’t whiten these pictures – please ignore that. 
Today I bring you part 2 of The NYC Diaries. This time were talking all things In Flight Cosmetics. When we touch down in JFK, we literally hit the ground running. After a 7 hour flight, I’m not going to be looking or feeling completely fresh, so these products are going to save me from that hell hole. 
Let me talk you through the products I’ll be taking on the plane to combat that flight fatigue. 

// The Face \\ 
Whenever I fly, without a doubt I always feel so grubby & horrible. Being in such a close environment to everyone else, it’s not surprising you feel gross. Not only that, the plane completely dries me out. Ghandi’s slipper, eat your heart out. 
So to conquer that & fix my face before landing I’m bringing the above 3 products. The moisture bomb mask & spray to rehydrate me, then my anti shine lotion to get rid of the shine. 
Trust me, I’ll be touching down in JFK in style. 
// Mask \\ 
// Spray \\ 
// Lotion \\

// The Extras \\
Again, moisture being the theme of this post. I also plan to take my L’occitane hand cream & lip balm. My lips always go incredibly dry on the plane so I’ll definitely be needing this. The hand cream, well that’s just a nice little extra. 
What’s not in the pictures but what I’ll also be needing is Ibuprofen. The past couple of times I’ve been on a flight, It’s given me a really horrible headache. So some form of pain killer will be essential for a comfortable flight. 
// Hand Cream \\ 
// Lip Balm \\

// The Over-The-Top \\ 
You never know when you might need them, but a very small pack of hand wipes may also come in handy. Especially with food on the flight, the last thing you want is sticky hands. Plus, these will be good for keeping in a bag whilst walking around the city. 
So there you have it. My plans to conquer that horrible flight feeling & to get off the plane looking like a million dollars ten dollars at least. 
Not long now until departure – lot’s of planning left to do. 
| Harrison | 

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