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I know, I’m so bad with consistently posting favourites, hence the name of ‘recent’ rather than ‘monthly’. But hey, I don’t just want to be doing favourites for favourites sake, I’d rather save it up for the good stuff. 
And that’s exactly what I’ve done. Saved up the good stuff ready to bombard you with this blog post. So get yourself ready, grab a cup of tea & relax, it’s going to be a long one. 
Each title is a link, so click it to check out each thing mentioned.
// The Shoes \\
As you’re probably bored of hearing already & as you probably know already, I’m off to New York soon. There will be a huge amount of walking involved so comfortable shoes are an absolute must have. My Nike Roshe Runs have nearly had it, so I thought I’d treat myself to a new pair of shoes. (Like I need any more
I’ve been eyeing these up for quite a while now & finally bit the bullet and made the purchase. These are the Adidas Hamburg trainers in the black & white combo. I absolutely love these & what makes them even more special is that incredible sole. Not only the colour but also the pattern. Definitely my favourite pair of shoes at the moment. 
// The Scrub \\
I’ve featured this on the blog before, including an entire post all about the new L’oreal Pure Clay collection >> Here. But this month I have been non stop using this scrub. For such an affordable, high street product, the results of this are amazing. It’s a really gentle scrub which leaves your face feeling so incredibly smooth. 
Made with red algae & clay, it has such a fresh, unique scent. Definitely worth purchasing and definitely something I plan to purchase again! 

Again something featured on here before >> Here, the L’ Occitane almond hand cream. I was never a huge lover of hand cream until purchasing the Clarins hand & nail treatment a few months back. Now onto this hand cream, I fall more in love each and every time I use it.
Almond scented things can always been a little overbearing, however this hand cream is so light & smoothing, it’s actually really fresh. 
A great hand cream & when I go in for the repurchase, I’m getting the big bottle!!

I absolutely love podcasts… when I actually get round to listening to them. But when your favourite Youtubers & Bloggers bring out a podcast, YOU LISTEN! Lily Pebbles & The Anna Edit (Anna Gardner) have released this epic podcast, At Home With
Going into the homes of people they love, getting to know a bit more about their lives and having a good old chinwag, Lily & Anna are the perfect combination of Host’s for a podcast like this. It’s so real, raw & honest and I’ve absolutely loved listening. 
You don’t have to be a fan of the girls to enjoy this podcast series. Definitely one of everyone! 

// Day Of Rest \\ 
Friends of SeanElliotOC & Poppy Deyes, Arron George D AKA DayOfRest is a Brighton blogger, based in London. Arron is a men’s lifestyle blogger with the best style ever. He hosts such a unique blog, talking about everything from DIY to Fashion. A no holding back blogger, with such a kind presence on the internet. A refreshing read for those days when you just want an escape. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this blog recently. 
And breathe. 
You have reached the end of that mammoth blog post. But I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my recent favourites & everything I have been loving. 
I hope the start of your week is a gooden & I’ll see you back here on Wednesday for the next edition of The NYC Diaries
| Harrison | 

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