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I’ve always known about L’occitane, but I’ve never had an excuse to shop there. Who am I kidding, like I need an excuse to shop? But what I mean, is I’ve just never actually bought anything there. It was actually my Dad got me onto this brand. He uses their shaving balm and needed to repurchase… And that is where my love began. 

We went into our local store to have a mooch and were served by this lovely lady. She was so helpful, took a genuine interest and was letting us try everything we wanted. She helped us with what products we needed and what she thinks we would like. 
Sometimes, its all about the service. 
I came away with 2 products. A hand cream and a lip balm. My only regret: I didn’t buy more. 

Let’s start with the hand cream. 
For someone who usually hates all things almonds, I’ve completely fallen head over heels for this. I told the lady in the store about my usual hate for hand cream, how I now use the Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment because It’s really thin and doesn’t leave you feeling completely greased up. That’s when she recommended this. 
It’s a really lightweight hand & nail care that is almond scented. However, it’s so subtle and so fresh that it doesn’t have that usual scent that almonds carry. I have been trying this out for a week now & completely love it. This is the smaller tube at £8 but you can get a bigger one at £15.
Moving to the lip balm. 
We all know I have an unhealthy obsession with lip balms. I have one in every bag I own, in my car, 2 in my room, 1 in my office, they’re literally breeding. So it’s needless to say I didn’t actually need this, it was more of a want. 
This is the Zesty Lime, Lip Balm. And it’s exactly that. The scent of lime is so refreshing when you apply it. I really love the texture of this, it’s really thick which means it lasts longer, yet it doesn’t feel sticky once it’s one. A really good lip balm for all those lovers out there. The price of this is £9.
So for a bit of a higher than high street brand, the prices of these are really competitive. Well worth it and I can’t wait to head back there to buy more things! Plus, these small versions are the perfect travel size, see where I’m going with this? Ey, ey. 
*coughs* NEW YORK *coughs* 
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