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Welcome to the first of many blog posts, dedicated all to NYC. I’ve called this little series, a very original name of ‘The NYC Diaries‘. Creative, I know. 
I’m kicking things off with the exact planning of this trip, once we got past the stage of booking, this post is all about the exact planning that has gone into making the trip, perfect. 
// CLICK HERE \\ For the rough guide of planning a city break. 
// Lists \\ 
Kicking it off with lists. We listed down everything we wanted to do, see & explore. Once it was down on a bit of paper, we had the skeleton to plan the trip and organise it into days. Figuring out exactly what you want to do is the first step in order to have the perfect trip. Trust me, planning is everything. It really will allow you to do it all and ensure you don’t miss anything out. 

// Order \\ 
So this bit is so important. Time is a precious on this trip. We’re there from Friday to Tuesday so we really don’t have time to waste. As you can see from the images above & below, I have split NYC into 5 areas. 
You don’t want to be spending time travelling ages to get to the attraction. So I’ve split it into 5 different sections. Each section will be the 5 different days. That way, once we’ve got there in the morning, that’s the biggest bit of travel done and we can focus on seeing everything we want to. This way, we’re maximising our time and not wasting it on navigating the city. 

// Food \\ 
Obviously this is a huge part of the trip, the food. New York pizza, deli’s, coffee, I just want to eat all the food! So as with the ordering of attractions, I’ve also done the same with food. I’ve researched the restaurants and split those into the 5 sections. This way, you’re killing two birds with one stone. Minimise that navigating time & maximise the doing time. 
I can’t stress enough how important the planning is. A trip like this with a lot to do and not a lot of time, the planning is paramount. But my inner OCD freak is loving all this prep. 
So there you have, the first of this NYC diaries. I plan to bring you one every week up until I go and then obviously there will be many updates on my return. I still have a month until I leave, so you’ll be getting many updates between now and then. 
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