The Moisture Bomb Collection | By Harrison

We all know I have an obsession with the Garnier Moisture Bomb tissue masks and trust me, that obsession continues. 
There is was, mooching the aisles of Boot’s when I came across an entire section, yes an ENTIRE section of Moisture Bomb products. They’ve not just stopped at the face mask, they have an entire collection now. Oh how I spent ages just smelling & testing the products, trying to rack my brains as to which one I should buy. 
I was very reserved and only came away with 2 products (pat on the back for me

// CLICK HERE \\ for the entire moisture bomb collection. 

You no I love the tissue mask so I’m not going to bore you by rabbiting on about that, but the product I didn’t want to talk about is this… 
The Moisture Bomb Protect, Multi-protection Hydrating Mist. Not the catchiest name in the world, but my god it packs a punch. What made me buy this out of all the range? Well, let me tell you. 
Firstly, I’ve never tried a skin mist before. I’ve never really felt the need or found a brand that’s intrigued me enough to buy one. But then I saw the Moisture Bomb Mist & I was sold. The whole range itself just has an amazing finish, it really does fill your face with moisture and works incredibly well. However, I also had an ulterior motive… 
As I’ve mentioned, I’m off to New York next month & thought this would be perfect for the flight. When we land, it’ll be go go go from then on. We land at midday, head straight to the hotel and straight back out again. I thought this hydrating mist would be perfect for whilst I’m on the plane & that very first day when my skin is feeling dehydrated from the long ass journey and needs a little pick me up. 
Also, great just to keep in your bag for those times when you’re not feeling on point. 

Yes, I’m still of the opinion that skin mists are a little bit of a non-essential and a luxury. However, as I’m such a fan of this range, I thought I would give it a go and see how I get on. I’ve tested it a couple of times now & have been super happy with how it’s made my skin feel. It’s nothing too over the top, but just enough to make a difference. 
I plan to take a few cosmetics/beauty bits on the plane with me to keep me fresh. I always suffer on flights with feeling groggy, so I plan to tackle that with this NYC trip. Keep your eyes peeled for blog posts dedicated to all things New York & the planning of the trip. 
| Harrison | 

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