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29 // 04 // 17 
We raced down to Cornwall to visit family and spend a fleeting bank holiday eating, enjoying each others company and seeing what Cornwall had to offer. 
Upon arriving at my aunties new home, nestled at the top of a hill, overlooking penzance, we all said our hello’s, had a guided tour of the property, showered up and headed out for dinner. 
It was Italian on the menu, specifically a Seafood Messe which was compiled of prawns, calamari, crab and white bate. Copious amounts of wine later and the stroll back to the property, that concluded Saturday. 
// Lands End \\
30 // 04 // 17
It was a lazy morning this morning. A leisurely shower, followed up endless discussion about the storm that night & a spot of TV. The kettle was boiling and the grapefruit was being sliced. We were taking it easy before jumping in the car and heading to Sennen Cove for a ‘proper breakfast‘. 
Little Bo’s Cafe was the destination for breakfast. Full Cornwall Breakfasts all round with a pot of tea & a little chit chat. The torrential rain was hitting the windows and the waves were crashing the shore. 
We were waiting for the rain to stop so we could take Red, my aunties labrador for a little walk to the top of the cliff. Climbing to the top and dropping over the other side, my auntie took us to a shipwreck. Deserted here in 2003, the RMS Mulheim slowly degraded away. Too dangerous to dispose of, the shipwreck is left to be a tourist destination & great photo opportunity. 
// The great wall of China Penzance \\
After the climb, we descended down onto the beach where many people passing by were gathering to take pictures of the huge seal that was bobbing around the shore line. We then took the brave decision to walk the wall that the waves were crashing over, but it paid off as we didn’t get wet and I got a few good pictures. 
After that, we clambered back into the cars and headed back home. We spent the afternoon in front of the TV, playing games & having good quality family time. We packed up our things and made the 3.5 hour journey back to Bournemouth. 
A well earned & much needed break. Spent with family & enjoying the small things in life. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what bank holidays are made for. 
| Harrison | 

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