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I’ve been meaning to write this post for what feels like forever now. You know me, very busy an all that. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I popped to one of my favourite places, Bath. Today, a few weeks later, I get round to telling you all about it & what to do whilst you’re there.

// The Shops \\

Obviously, number 1 on the list is the shopping. Bath is one of those places you go if you’re looking to spend a bit of money, you want some good quality clothes and don’t mind making a little dent in that bank balance. The shops here are incredible. From high street stuff like Topman & Urban Outfitters, to the more high end like All Saints & Whistles. Seriously, the shopping is insane and what makes it even better, it’s all on one street!

// The Spa \\

We stood outside it, but didn’t go in. But I’ve heard, the Bath spa is an amazing place to visit. All the natural, roman baths that have been there for years. I believe it costs around £15 to enter and a great way to kill some time. This type of thing is worth doing if you’re staying for a weekend… there is too much to get done in 1 day. 

// The Royal Crescent \\ 
Escape the madness of the town centre and head up to the Royal Crescent and Victoria Park. A peaceful park, overlooking bath with this amazing circular building surrounding the green. A nice little escape for when the hustle & bustle get’s too much. 
// The Food \\ 
OMG the food in bath is just to die for, literally. So at the very bottom of the high street, near the train station (for exact reference) there is a row of restaurants from Nando’s to GBK. Then all the way at the top of the high street, you have another cluster of restaurants. This time a little more upmarket such as Jamie’s Italian. Seriously, some really good choices. 
Also, in the lanes behind the shops, there is a Bennie’s Cookies… GOOGLE IT! 

// The Canal \\ 
To get down to the canal, you actually have to pay (don’t bother). The view is just as good from the high viewing points by the cathedral. It’s really nice just to waste some time, overlooking the amazing water feature, grab a coffee and watch the world go by. 
I would highly recommend Bath to anyone. It’s such a nice place to visit & it’s great for both day trips and weekends. Right then, now that’s done, I can get on with planning my NYC trip… only 5 weeks to go people!! 
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