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Apologies for the week off from blog posts, life has been a little shitty recently. 
(but that’s for another time)
Today, I thought I would bring you my latest little life trend…. Nutri bullets.
I used to be obsessed with Nutri Bullets, when they first came out I was right on that bandwagon with everyone else, living it large and trying all kinds of weird and wonderful smoothies. Then it died down, I got bored and went back to the trusty coco pops for breakfast. 
However, I’m back now, bigger & better and ready to bring you some of the recipes I have been trying. So firstly, I bring you one courtesy of Lean In 15, again, something I am loving right now. 
This energy smoothie consists of coconut water, raspberries, chia seeds and avocado. A very weird combo and most definitely not the nicest flavour, however, it packs the energy and is good for a little pick me up in the morning. 
Jumping on into number 2, I’ve been loving this very simple smoothie. Raspberries, apple & coconut milk. Very simple, very effective and a great way to go a little healthier. 
Lastly, without a picture unfortunately, a little naughtier smoothie. Banana, peanut butter and coconut milk. Probably the best out of the three, but most definitely the one that kind of defeats the object. 
I’ve absolutely been loving my Nutri Bullet, getting back into the swing of things and it’s an amazing way of actually consuming fruit. I’m feeling a lot better for it, even if some of the concoctions I’ve made are a little questionable. 
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