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You would have seen recently, there is a trend going around with bloggers and youtubers called Anti-Hauls. Talking through the items of clothing or trends in general that they just wouldn’t buy, things they have no interest in and just generally using it as an excuse to moan. 
Today, I’m doing just that. 
// The Trend \\ 
The biggest and only thing I’m hating now is this trend of, what I call ‘chavvy’ brands coming back into fashion. I know they say trends repeat themselves, but please, don’t make this one of them. 
The brands such as Ellesse, Fila, Umbro & Puma are the types of brands, that when I was growing up were what the chavvy people would wear. It is just a huge throwback to being in the playground at school and seeing these awful, faded navy jumpers with huge branding stamped over the chest, paired with awfully fit, washed out denim jeans and a white trainer of some sort. 
Not good memories and not a good look. 
If this doesn’t scream ‘soccer dad’ then what does? 
// The Item \\
Keeping on the theme of all things chavvy, can we please talk about the specific item that is driving me crazy. Slides.
What the hell is this about? 
These just remind me of either a shower shoe, or some old guy pairing them with socks. Please, just no.
I’m all about the flip flops, honey I love me a Havaiana flip flop, but these things. Barf. 
Sorry to destroy my blog & what a thing to replace Foody Friday with. 
Moan over. Anti- Haul complete. 
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