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Now, you know my favourite topic besides food is travel. I’m absolutely a wanderlust, the urge to travel the world sometimes takes over and I’ve made it my mission to travel to as many places as I possibly can. 
That brings me to my next trip and today’s blog post. In June, I hop on a plane & travel to another place I’ve never been.
Yes, NYC, a place I’ve always been in ore of, a place I’ve always dreamt of visiting and a place where I can release my inner Carrie Bradshaw and live that Sex & The City lifestyle… even if it is just for 5 days. 
So today, I bring you a post dedicated to planning a city break. 
// Step 1 \\ 
The vision. 
Think, if you’re building a property, designing a collection or landscaping a garden. Whenever you’re planning something you have the vision. The very early stages of what you want to do, what you want to accomplish. 
Deciding where to go, what you want to do whilst you’re there, how many days you’re going to need. This is all the very very early stages of this travel-themed project.
Whenever I go on a big trip I always use Thomas Cook. I’ve used them when I’ve been to Florida, when we went to South Africa last year, Skiing this year and now NYC. We always see the manager in our local branch as she is so helpful and has created some amazing trips for us. 
I really rate travel agents. It’s so easy to go in there, tell them what you want, how long you want to go for and they do the rest. With a little hotel research and a little bit of movement in schedule, we’ve always come up with the perfect trip. Plus, the prices are exactly the same as doing it online. 

// Step 2 \\ 
The Skeleton. 
Step 2 is all about the skeleton of the trip. Bringing the vision to life. 
It’s so important to list down everywhere you want to go, everything you want to do and every restaurant you want to eat in. Just list it all and work from there. 
Once you’ve built the rough skeleton of the trip and what you want to do, It’s then very easy to fill in the gaps and make it happen. 
It might take some movement of schedules, dropping some plans to adjusting certain activities, but listing it all and planning meticulously, you’ll fit it all in. 
// Step 3 \\
The Finished Product. 
I feel like I could’ve squeezed 4 steps out of this post, but I’m just lazy so I’ve crammed it into 3. At this final stage, this is probably the most important stage and the one where you need to be so precise with the planning. 
You need to go heavy on the research, check out everything you want to do, see if there are any discount codes online, get things booked and get that itinerary flowing. 
Cities are big places, you need to make sure the things you’re doing are close. Plan your days so your activities are close together, so you make 1 big journey in the morning and then fit in lots of activities in a close perimeter. 
Google maps will become your best friend. Maps the destinations, check out if the activity is close to the restaurant you want to eat at or if you’ll pass a certain thing on the way to somewhere else. 
Cut the travel time, increase the tourist time. 
I’ve actually found blogs really handy. Reading peoples own experiences of NYC, what they did whilst they were there and little tips they picked up along the way. 
One blog I’ve been loving is Tracy’s New York Life. Tracy is a New York blogger, writing about everything to do in her amazing city and life she leads in NYC. From the best breakfast spots, to the top tours. Everything and anything you need to know about NYC is in this ladies blog. 
Time to tick another destination off that bucket list. 
So there you have it, a little bit of a rambley one today, but you know how passionate I get about travelling. 
Anyway, I’m off to watch re-runs of SATC and practise my best Carrie Bradshaw impression. 
See you Friday. 
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