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I was going save this post for Friday and incorporate it into Foody Friday, however, I plan to start cutting down and eating healthy, and that starts from today. 
With that in mind, this is a What I Ate In A Day, from Good Friday and It’s a bit of a naughty one. 
// Breakfast \\ 
Kicking thing off with breakfast, Dad and I began by going for a walk along the beach. It was amazing weather, the sun was shining and would’ve been rude not to. However, having to have everything In my life revolving around food, we ended up in this amazing cafe. We’ve been before, It’s call Chinside and for anyone living in Bournemouth, please check it out. Amazing food at even better prices. (Wtf that sounds like an advert, lol)
I had this incredible Egg’s Benedict with Bacon, whilst Dad had a full english. 
A great start to the day. 

// Lunch \\ 
Lunch was a bit of a quick one. I didn’t really have time to stop, so I just grabbed whatever was easy. I noticed at then beginning of the week, a pot of peanut butter had crept into the cupboard and I could hear it calling my name. 
So lunch on this day was a simple, peanut butter on toast. 
Quick, simple and effective. 

// Dinner \\
Dinner, I’m taking no responsibility for. Mum fancied a takeaway, who am I to say no?
Fanelli’s pizza it was. I’ve been finding dominoes really dehydrates me, so Fanelli’s was the winner. 
I had a vegetarian which consisted of mushroom, olive, tomato and garlic and it was insane. If you’re a garlic lover, this is the one for you. 
So as you can see, a very naughty food day & one that probably shouldn’t have happened. However, I plan to go over to my Dad’s, steal my nutri-bullet off him and begin a bit of a health kick again. 
Wish me luck.
| Harrison |

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