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Someone help me, I can’t stop spending money. 
Recently, I have no idea what it is, but I am obsessed with shopping for clothes. I have seen some amazing pieces and some that I just had to buy. It’s been love at first sight in the rails of H&M. 
So today, let me talk you through the few things I’ve been getting my hands on. 
Annoyingly, as I type this, I have a Levi T-shirt that I have purchased just not photographed yet. So you’ll just have to imagine that. 
// Look 1 \\ 
This top is like nothing I would ever buy, or have ever bought. For those of us who are more conscious about their stomach area, horizontal stripes are never the most flattering. However, the smaller the stripe, the easier to wear. 
This is a long sleeved, wider necked top with a chest pocket. A very simple piece and great for the summer. I imagine wearing this on those days it’s sunny, but it’s got a little colder in the evenings. I plan to pair this top with some black denim shorts and possibly some converse. 
This top is from the H&M x Weeknd collection. Spoiler alert, I’m obsessed. 

// Look 2 \\ 
I’m all about trying new things recently. A plain, coloured top is definitely something I would never go for. I either like black or I like heavy patterns (with some kind of black). But to have something quite simple, in a lighter colour is completely off the radar for me… until now. 
I was looking through my wardrobe and realised I didn’t really have anything suitable for smarter occasions. I wanted to have a reliable shirt, that I know will go with most things, for those smarter occasions where you need to look like you’ve at least made some kind of an effort. Well, this is that shirt. 
I picked this up from River Island, a store I never really shop in anymore. It’s a great quality, really well made shirt that Is going to see me through for quite a few seasons now. I would say these come up slightly bigger to size. This is a large and with a few less McDonalds in me, I may have gotten away with the medium. 

// Look 3 \\ 
More colour, I know. What the hell is happening to me. And what’s more, colour on the bottom half. It’s almost unheard of for me to wear light denim. I’m definitely a black denim kind of guy. But in my moments of madness, I decided to mix things up a little, get some variation and bit the bullet with these very light wash denim jeans. 
The top is also new. I again was lacking a black top that I can just throw on and it still looks like I’ve made some effort, but it’s comfortable at the same time. You’ll have to click the link below to see this as the back has a huge logo on it. That was definitely the deciding factor for me. The back of this top is the winner. 
Both of these pieces are again from H&M. I feel they’re absolutely killing it at the moment. I’m loving what they’re doing and where they’re taking the brand. The jeans I got in the sale for just £7 so unfortunately no link for those. However, the top is again from the H&M x Weeknd range and I’ve not stopped wearing it. All paired with a white pair of Nike Air Force 1’s, this is definitely my favourite outfit of the moment. 
I’ve since noticed the black top in the last look is sold out. Hopefully it comes back in stock soon. 
But there you have it, my recent purchased, modelled by me and loved by me. 
Turns out, I have a specific posing face!
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