A Place Of Peace | By Harrison

The sun is coming out, it’s warming up… SUMMER IS ON THE WAY! 
As much as I love winter and the endless clothes you can wear throughout the season, nothing quite beats the feeling of summer. Everyone is happier, the days are longer, you have to wear less clothes and you can enjoy more. 
Enjoy more, that’s exactly what Kate and I did this week. 
// The Door \\
I unexpectedly had a day off during the week, the weather was amazing so we decided to take the roof down on my car, hit the road and head about 50 miles along the coast of the Purbecks to a place called Durdle Door. 
Durdle Door brings back so many memories for me. As a child we used to come here a lot, spend weekends camping on the cliff tops (in an actual campsite) and enjoying the summers down by the beach. 
This week was the first time I had returned for a couple of years and my god, I forgot just how amazing it is. 
Nothing compares to that turquoise blue water and the ombre effect sand of the shore. The rough silhouette of the cliff face and the holiday makers all sat around enjoying themselves. Really, this is a Place Of Peace. 

By far one of my favourite places to visit in and around the Dorset area. 

// So Much Blue \\

From Durdle Door you can take a mile walk across the cliff tops, over the hill and drop down into Lulworth Cove. A little fisherman’ town, nestled in between the cove and the cliffs. 
The perfect setting for a weekend getaway or even just a day trip to escape the monotony of normal life. 
Tip: pick up some freshly caught scallops at the fish shop right on the beach… Incredible! 
Views you can’t beat, Dorset’s answer to paradise and all for the cost of car parking. Now go, get out and enjoy this amazing weather. After all, it won’t be here for long!
| Harrison | 

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