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You would have seen these already, featured in Wednesday’s blog post, but by far my favourite food this week has got to be these donuts/cronuts from Dum Dum’s in Brighton. 
You may recognise these from +Zoella and +Mark Ferris‘ vlogs. 
In order of favourites:
The Eton Mess Cronut – By far the best thing I have ever tasted. So moorish, so sweet, so good! 
The Big Jam – A slight different take on your every day jam donut. With real, quality jam inside, a glazed donut on the outside with icing sugar to finish.
The Zebra – The one in the middle of the plate. This chocolate combo cronut is just chocolate heaven. 
The Nutella – If you’re a fan of Nutella, you’ll love this. A bit too sweet for me, but you could cut it in half an share? 
Creme Brûlée – Surprisingly, this one was particularly good. I didn’t have too many high hopes, but turned out to be really nice. 
The Blueberry – This one for me, was the biggest disappointment. This ring donut is stuffed with some kind of blueberry mouse. I’m not the biggest fan of mouse and just didn’t think it complimented this donut. 
Overall, they were incredible donuts and I would recommend Dum Dum’s to anyone! 
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