Things To Do In Brighton | By Harrison

Brighton is by far one of my favourite places to go. So much so, I’ve considered moving there. 
The city by the sea
Being one of my favourite places, today I thought I would talk you through things to do in Brighton. 
~ The Piers ~
Brighton has 2 piers. The new and the old. The old pier burnt down years ago but the remains still stay stood in the sea. The new larger than life pier is completely full of your typical seaside resort entertainment. An arcade, fair ground and food stalls. 
A great atmosphere but beware, the birds are lethal. 
~ The Lanes ~
Well known for their lanes, Brighton is full of tiny little lanes with amazing shops. You could spend all day just wondering the lanes, mooching in and out of the little, unique shops and awing at the incredible displays of well known chocolatier, Choccywoccydoodah. 

~ The Food ~
Now the food, oh lovely lovely food. This bit is for sure my speciality. Brighton is bursting with insane eateries. So many different types of places to eat. From your regular chains, to one off’s, street food to up market. Brighton offers it all. 
A few of my faves: 
~ Franco Manca 
~ The Salt Rooms
~ The Breakfast Club 
~ Dum Dum Donut’s
Have a look, try them out, you will not be disappointed. 

~ The Shops ~ 
Other than The Lanes, Brighton offers a real extensive range of shopping locations. Up in Church Square there is a huge shopping mall filled with your usual highstreet brands. But equally in and around the areas that surround The Lanes you have some incredible shops. Workshop Living being one of my favourite interior shops of all time. The interior stores around Brighton are to die for. Plus you have your high end clothing stores like Whistles and Reiss. There is definitely a lot to see and a lot of money to spend. 

Really I could go on about it al day, but you won’t fully feel the appreciation until you’re there yourself. I would highly recommend Brighton to anyone. If you like that London vibe but on a smaller scale or you’re into your trendy & all accepting vibes then definitely head to Brighton. 
It’s well worth the visit. 
| Harrison | 

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