My Guide To Blogging: The Tech Set-Up | By Harrison

So today I thought I would give you a little insight into what I use to bring you these blog post’s every week, what it takes to run a blog and the tech set up behind it all. 
To be honest right from the start, I’m a bit of a tech geek to it may not be you need all of this, but I have tried to strip it down to the basics. 
Let’s get started… 

// Computer \\

A bit of an obvious one really. I use the Macbook Air, I have the largest size which I think is 15″. I absolutely love Apple products but my Mac in particular is my favourite. The reason it’s so handy is because it links to my phone and iPad. So If I’m working from them, I can pick my laptop up and know the work will be on there straight away. This means it’s so much quicker when composing a blog post. 
Definitely an investment but definitely worth it. 

// Camera \\

A blog wouldn’t be a blog without pictures. These day’s its so easy to get yourself a really good camera. The iPhone camera is incredible and some of my blog posts are shot with just my iPhone. Most of the time though, I use my Canon DSLR. I have the Canon 1200D which I picked up for just £200 about 3 years ago. A real beginners camera but it works just fine, plus it’s the lenses that make the picture. 
So with that in mind, I use the Canon 50mm lens. This gives a really nice depth of field and the quality is amazing. Again, this lens is really inexpensive and really easy to find in stores or online. 

// Phone \\ 
Now this is a bit of a weird one. But I use my phone for EVERY single blog post. I actually edit all my pictures using the apps on my phone. I’m a firm believer in ‘use what you already have’. I haven’t invested in Photoshop yet, because the free apps on my phone work just perfectly. 
I use Snapseed for the detailing, Facetune for whiting the images and then VSCO to add filters. 
It’s work for me so far, so I’m not changing any time soon. 

// Storage \\
As you may know, I run this blog as well as a Youtube channel (haven’t vlogged in forever, oops) so having a million pictures and videos can cause storage issues. Therefore I have invested in this external hard drive from PC World. This is the MyPassport for Mac. It stores 1 Terabyte of data and cost me around £45. So worth it, trust me. Taking constant pictures and storing videos really will just eat the storage off your computer. You’ll need one of these. 

// Lighting \\ 
Where possible, I try to use natural light. It’s the most flattering and gives the best finish. However, living gloomy England, lighting is not always on our side, sometimes you’ve just got to fake it. 
So I have this really cool ring light. 
It attaches to the lens of the camera with about 5 different settings. This is amazing for brightening any images, getting rid of shadows and is especially good for Flat Lay Photography. I think I picked this up from amazon and as far as I remember, really in-expensive as well. 
So there you have it, my quick tech set up, what I use and how I make this blog work. I’m sure there are hundreds of other ways and hundreds of other blogs out there about other tech set ups, but for me, this simple and quite basic set up works perfectly.
| Harrison | 

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