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Oh my god, I am so excited for this blog post. Ever since I got this bag, I have been non stop, planning this blog post. If you’re a long time reader of the blog, you’ll know that I am/was completely in love with my navy blue, canvas Whistles bag. I used that bad every single day for work, I took it away travelling, it’s been all over the world and has had so much use. However with it being canvas, it’s started to get a little worn. Plus, because It was a backpack style bag and the lining was black, I would constantly lose stuff in it because It was so dark and so deep. So I was in the market for a new bag, it was my birthday last week so what better time to start looking. 
That’s when Matt & Nat came into my life… 

Matt & Nat are a vegan accessory brand (I’m not a vegan btw). I came across this brand on ASOS when looking for a new bag and completely fell in love. Their accessories are slightly more unusual than your typical brands and that is why I love them so much. I was torn between a backpack style again or this document bag but I’m SOO glad I chose this one. 

First impressions, the bag is a lot bigger than I expected and a lot bigger than it looks in pictures. Not that I’m complaining, this actually works out really well for me. The quality of the bag is impeccable. The stitching is flawless and the whole thing is put together perfectly. I already have had so many compliments on it.

A big draw to the bag was the interior. I have a real issue with not being able to see clearly into bags, it really bothers me. With this bag, the lining is this really nice, teal blue. Having a brighter colour inside the bag makes it so much easier to actually see whats going on and a hell of a lot easier to actually find things. 
The lining is also a textile material which is super easy to clean, so if anything spills around in there, it won’t stain. 
The bag is split into 2 main sections with a divide in the middle. Attached to that divide is a pocket with a couple of pen holders. Then on one side of the interior is a zipped pocket which is great for safety and then on the other side, is a pocket for your phone. I have the iPhone 6S with the Apple Smart Charger case and this fits in that pocket without issue. 
I also have the larger Macbook Air and this also fits in the bag with no issues. 

The bag also has a long strap as well as the 2 little handles which is really good for transporting the bag. It’s a big bag and once fully filled, could get quite heavy so that long strap could really come into it’s own. 
Another thing I really love about the bag is the hardware. It has this chunky, almost weathered, silver hardware on the bag which just looks incredible. The zips are a really unusual shape which, these small details just make the bag look that more expensive. 

There is absolutely nothing about this bag that I dislike. I have completely fallen in love with it, I know its something that is going to last me years and something I will use every single day. Keeping it real as I always do, this bag isn’t cheap. Not at all. It’s definitely an investment. I purchased this from ASOS at £145. It seems a lot, but use it everyday and you’re getting your moneys worth. 
I’ll leave the link // HERE \\ if you wanted to check it out. Also check out their other bags on the ASOS website, they’re pretty cool. 
Ahhh this bag is so dreamy. *swoons* 
| Harrison | 

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