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This is a bit of a weird one and I didn’t really now how to approach it on here. So, I’m just going to go ahead and type. Beware, this could turn out to be a bit of a rambley one. 
Sometime last year, I developed an allergy to deodorant. One day I sprayed it on and it was like my underarms were completely burning. I thought I had sprayed it too close to my skin, so the next day I made sure to go really light, but the same thing happened. 
So I moved brand, changed the scent, I tried everything but I just kept getting this awful burning sensation. 
After trying and trying so many different brands and products, one day I happened to pick up an Anti-Perspirant rather than deodorant and voila, it worked. No more burning. However, I find antiperspirants not to be as long lasting. So taking another risk in the deodorant department, I decided to try a roll on. Boom, that worked too. I finally fixed the problem. 
Differences: Deodorant doesn’t stop you from sweating. It just masks the smell. Antiperspirant prevents sweat. Sweat itself is odourless. The smell of BO is caused by the process of bacteria on the skin breaking down sweat. So deodorants are there to just smell nice, antiperspirants stop sweat.
This is such a weird allergy and one I have never come across before. I don’t really know the point of this blog post, I guess I just hope it will help someone out there, who may have the same issue as me. Trust me, you don’t need to go around smelling, there are solutions to deodorant issues. 
Talking of smellies, I need to go and buy more… I’m running low. 
Suggestion: This Lynx Black smells pretty beaut. 
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