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Wow, I’ve not done this for a while. Welcome to my recent favourites. I have purposely called this ‘recent’ rather than monthly, as I highly doubt I will keep this up monthly (I’ve already missed one), plus these are things that I have just been really liking recently… hence this being a recent favourites. (wow that was a great intro… let’s get into it
I was a little apprehensive as to whether I include this or not. I’ve written an entire blog post // here // about this lip scrub. There are both positive and negatives about this, one of those negatives being the awful taste. However, the fact it leaves my lips feeling so incredibly smooth, I just had to include it in this favourites post. 

This is definitely up there with one of my favourite, favourites. My Appointed notebook. I got this at the very beginning of the year with a plan to use it to help organise my blog posts, plan them all and generally brainstorm ideas. It has absolutely worked a treat. I have used it so much, I’m feeling more organised with blogging and completely have no regrets about dropping £20 on a notebook. Again, a full review blog post can be found // here // 

These babies. Well, you know me, I’m an absolute sucker for face masks. Not only do I love a face mask, I love them even more when they only cost £1. These 7th heaven face masks have been like heaven on my face recently. They really have been getting me through this awful winter and yes, you probably guessed it, a full blog post can be found // here //

Yep, I’m going to put it out there. This is my favourite, favourite. For someone who once loathed hand cream, I can confirm this stuff is incredible. This hand & nail treatment by Clarins is the catalyst that converted me to a lover of hand cream. To be fair, this is probably the only one I would use going forward. It’s just so incredibly smooth, it leaves your hands feeling so amazingly soft and I can 100% confirm, there is no grease. Truly the best hand cream I have ever come across. 
I promise, this is the last favourite with it’s own dedicated blog post. You can find it // here // though. 

This is a very new discovery to me and one that I will be sure to use again. Printiki is a website that allows you to print your Instagram pictures. All you do is go onto their website, put in your Insta URL and select the pictures you want. You can edit how they turn out i.e looking like a polaroid or having text on them etc.
I thought this was an absolute genius idea and actually pretty good value for money. 
Well worth trying out, I’ve been very impressed. 

I got this fragrance for Christmas and have not put it down since. I’ve always been a huge fan of YSL and when I was in the market for a new aftershave, this was at the top of my list. I don’t know if it’s possible, but this actually smells expensive. It has such a unique smell and one that I’ve had endless compliments on. A firm, firm favourite. 

Last but by no means least, these tan boots from ASOS. Again, a Christmas gift and one that I am loving. I’ve had a pair of tan desert boots, but I think the chelsea style is just slightly smarter. 
A great way to dress up any outfit. Plus, they’re SOO comfortable! 
Well there you have it, an epic blog post, full of everything I have been loving recently. 
I may try and make this a regular thing, but it’s most likely not going to happen. oops  
| Harrison | 

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