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Get ready for a chatty one… 
I’m slowly becoming one of those annoying people who constantly write about their relationship. I know, I’m annoying myself. But hey, it’s my life and I want to share it with you all. 
Today, I thought I would write about something that goes against the grain of a ‘happy relationship’.
Today we’re taking about Saying Goodbye To The Single Life
Giving up my life, saying goodbye to what was once my free and single life was really difficult. I thought by getting into a relationship, I was losing a part of me.  
What people don’t tell you when they’re bragging about their relationship or telling you how amazing it is, is how hard it actually is to give up your life. 
When I was single, I would spend days trawling through the likes of Grindr, looking for someone. But actually, never that bothered if I did meet anyone. As much as I tried to convince myself I wanted someone, I was still happy to be single. 
If you’re going through what I have gone through, don’t worry. It really doesn’t have to be goodbye. It’s about adapting. Nobody wants to spend their life alone and yes, you may be happy in your single life, but trust me, being in a relationship is better.
Don’t spend time morning loss of your single life, spend the time celebrating the new relationship. 
In an effort to not give up my entire life, I feel like we have come up with the perfect balance of spending time together vs spending time apart – compromise. 
That’s what it’s all about. Getting to know each other, discovering each others preferences and coming up with a routine or plan that suits you both. 
Relationships are a complex thing and something you will never get right first time. 
Say goodbye to the single life Say hello to a new life. 
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