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It’s Wednesday people, we’re officially half way through the week. 
Not long until the weekend where I can sit on the sofa, have a Real Housewives marathon and eat copious amounts of food. 
So for today’s post, I thought I would bring you a little restaurant review. Last week my friend and I ventured out to a new complex that has been built here in town. 
In that complex there is an ASK Italian. 
I’ve never been here before but I thought, I love Italian food so why wouldn’t I love ASK Italian.  Let me tell you, It didn’t let me down. 
For starter we shared a dough ball platter which was insane. Then for main I had this incredible pasta with chicken and mushroom in a creamy sauce. I’m going to put it out there, probably one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever had. 
Then for dessert, I had these bad boys. Ice cream filled profiteroles. If profiteroles couldn’t get any better, they go and stuff them with ice cream. Honestly, just writing this post is making me salivate. 
My first time at ASK Italian was definitely one to remember and they definitely set the bar high for all other Italian restaurants. I was highly impressed with both the new restaurant, the service we received and the quality of the food. 
I’m sure most people in the UK have a ASK in their town. Stop what you’re doing and go and try it out… You won’t regret it! 
| Harrison | 

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